Standing with Black Women and Girls is not an option – it is an obligation and sacred opportunity. It is a community priority, a human rights issue, a litmus test of the theological integrity of our communities of faith. Join this faith-filled, public education campaign to prioritize the well-being of Black women and girls through liturgy, advocacy for equitable public policy, and digital engagement, engaging your congregation and community with the #StandWithBWG toolkit today.

As a partner of PICO National Network, the #StandwithBWG convening presents this toolkit as an action guide and educational resource to aid congregations in continuing or commencing the urgently needed work of standing with black women and girls. 

The toolkit is subdivided into four sections:

  1. Liturgical Resources
  2. Policy Options & Public Actions
  3. Social Media Campaign
  4. Video Resources

Recognizing that PICO is an multi-faith network and that the #StandWithBWG toolkit was developed for particularly those of the Christian tradition, we have created an addendum with some additional ideas for non-Christian faith communities that want to stand with Black Women & Girls.

We also greatly value your input. Please email multi-faith ideas or further resources to

Click on the box below to read the testimony of Onleilove Alston, Executive Director of Faith in New York, on Mass Incarceration and Black Women and Girls to the U.N. Working Group for People of African Descent for their second year of the Decade dedicated to African people whose ancestors came through the transatlantic slave trade. After visiting different cities to gather testimony, a press conference will be held in Washington, DC with recommendations.


Even though the Movement for Black Lives is committed to nonviolence, we've seen an attempt by the media and talking heads to attack and spew vitriol about the nation's young activists.

Now is the time to step up and pledge support for this growing movement.

If you are a member of the clergy, sign this pledge and commit to standing up for Black Lives Matter and the leaders in the Movement for Black Lives.

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