Dear Friend,

Eric Garner was a father who was selling single cigarettes to support his family. Michael Brown was a son heading off to college. Tanesha Anderson, a mental health patient, was in need of an evaluation and intervention. Tamir Rice was a child playing in the park.  Their lives mattered.

Today, our hearts are broken and we mourn the lives lost. We can retreat behind our pain and sit in isolation or we can rise up together to boldly proclaim the anthem pronounced by Patrisse Marie Cullors-Brisac and Alicia Garza: Black Lives Matter.

We’ve declared “Don’t shoot” and lifted our hands in protest. Now it’s time to join hands and create a healing circle of protection for our black sons, daughters, sisters and brothers.

Will you join clergy around the country in building a circle of protection for the loved ones in your community?

Every 28 hours, according to the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement report, an unarmed black person in America is killed by a police officer. We are battling a corrupted system that has criminalized our existence.  Everyday we are struggling just to keep the people we love alive and safe.  Today, it is clear that as believers and faith leaders in our community, we must speak and act with urgency, conviction, power and love.

We are dedicated to fulfilling a five point action plan that takes our message out of our pulpits and into the streets.

The five point plan calls for us to connect with one another by forming circles of protection; affirm that value of Black lives; take action in the streets through marches, protests and vigils; boycott the corporatization of Christmas and allow the holidays to become a true time of liberation; and to love one another.

Our leadership is critical at this moment. Will you come outside with us?  

Together we can send a message that all lives matter.  Together we can join hands and encircle our communities with a message of radical love and revolutionary hope.

Ferguson Action Messaging

Commit to Building a Circle of Protection

Live Free Five Point Action Plan