• Glide Memorial (map)
  • 330 Ellis St
  • San Francisco, CA, 94102
  • United States

Brittany Ferrell, Ferguson Activist & Organizer, Millennial Activists United
Tef Poe, Ferguson Activist & Organizer, Hands Up United; Hip Hop Artist
Torey Russell, Ferguson Activist & Organizer, Hands Up United
Alexis Templeton, Ferguson Activist & Organizer, Millennial Activists United
Phil Agnew, Executive Director, Dream Defenders
Michelle Alexander, Civil Rights Attorney; Social Justice Advocate; Author, The New Jim Crow
John Burris, Civil Rights Attorney
Jari “Sojari” Bradley, Slam Poetry Performer
Michael McBride, Lead Pastor, The Way Christian Center, Berkeley CA; Director of Urban Strategies, PICO National Network
Van Jones, Host, “Crossfire”; Former Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, White House Council on Environmental Quality

The tragic fatal shootings of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin and Oscar Grant, young unarmed black men, prompt difficult questions about racial profiling, social justice and accountability: Why are young black men seen as threats and why are they targeted? Why are police sometimes behind the trigger? Do black people’s lives seem less worthwhile through the media’s lens? What can we do to change this? When injustices occur, how can we protect our citizens’ civil rights and make sure law enforcement will respect the democratic right to peaceful protest? Join us for a community discussion to tackle these urgent questions with young activists from Ferguson, Missouri – including family friends of Michael Brown – and national civil rights advocates.

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