Our nation faces a great question during this election season as the pain and struggle of racial injustice is thrust into the light through the death of Michael Brown and recent events in Ferguson: Oh, America, what kind of nation will you be?’

As citizens of this democratic nation, and as people of faith, this question is also turned to us. Will we be a nation that provides tanks for small municipalities but not books for children? Will we continue to betray our young people and the most vulnerable, building our economy on the backs of the poor? Or will we be born again into a multi-race, multi-faith democracy - creating freedom, justice, and equal opportunity for all of God’s children in our nation?

Join us in the national Hands Up Worship Services on Sunday, October 12 - part of the Ferguson October Weekend of Resistance - as we declare together across the country that we are working, praying and voting to create a nation that will no longer tolerate the violence, systemic injustice and marginalization suffered by our black and brown sisters and brothers.

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