What many don’t know is that there are proven gun violence prevention strategies that are simply not funded or supported at scale. LIVE FREE helps promote four main strategies which have gotten significant results in cities across the country and are detailed in our report, Healing Communities in Crisis.

·      Group Violence Intervention (GVI): Based on Boston’s Operation Ceasefire, this is a data-based law enforcement approach that targets the tiny fraction of individuals at risk for being perpetrators or victims of violence (rather than blanketing neighborhoods).

·      Cure Violence: Previously called Chicago Ceasefire, this strategy is built around violence interrupters and outreach workers who de-escalate potential violence and steer individuals toward community services. Typically includes minimal police engagement.

·      Hospital-Based Violence Prevention: Provides case management and resources for those hospitalized for gun violence in order to reduce likelihood of being involved in future violence.

·      Advance Peace: Combines various of the above strategies in addition to an 18-month fellowship for potential shooters. Developed by the Office of Neighborhood Safety in Richmond, CA where there was a 75% decrease in homicides.


We work with clergy, community leaders, law enforcement and public officials, and most importantly, with those directly impacted by gun violence in order to get proven strategies implemented. This is just our latest list of organizing victories:

Oakland, CA: 6th straight year of reductions in shootings and homicides (50% reduction since GVI was introduced in 2012).

Stockton, CA: 40% reduction in homicides during first year of implementation of Advance Peace.

Sacramento, CA: First time in 35 years with no youth homicides

Indianapolis, IN: Commitment to begin GVI in 2019

Miami, FL: Commitment to begin GVI in 2019

San Bernardino, CA: Commitment to begin GVI in 2019

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·       Don’t Shoot: One Man, A Street Fellowship, and the End of Violence in America (David Kennedy) is a book written by one of the architects of Operation Ceasefire and tells the story of how it dramatically decreased homicides in Boston and other cities.

·       Oakland’s Successful Gun Violence Reduction Strategy (National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform) is a report on Oakland’s 5 years of consistent shooting reductions. 

·       Healing Communities in Crisis: Lifesaving Solutions to the Gun Violence Epidemic is a report that outlines best practices for reducing urban gun violence.

·       Video (6 min) on Office of Neighborhood Safety in Richmond, CA documents program that led to 75% reductions in homicides.

·       The Interrupters is a full-length documentary that dramatically depicts the work of violence interrupters in Chicago.