On May 2, we will boycott Wells Fargo by:

  • Taking our personal and organizational money out of Wells Fargo and investing it in local credit unions and small banks
  • Support Standing Rock by asking our cities to divest from Wells Fargo as well
  • Tweeting and posting about the movement to boycott Wells Fargo  


  • Because they invest $467 million in the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock - $120 million directly to DAPL
  • Because they help private prisons: Core Civic (formerly CCA) has a $132 million line of revolving credit and $14.3 million in term loan, plus they hold over 704,500 shares in Core Civic
  • Because they mistreat their own employees, firing 5,300 employees after 2 million fake bank accounts were created by staff at the pressure of management, collecting over $400k in fees