Across the country, people will join in a general strike - we will not go to work, to school, or spend money - to show that our communities make this country what it is. We are workers, students, teachers, laborers, and consumers


  • Join with others and hit the streets, large public actions that tie our movements together.
  • No going to work, school, or purchasing anything in support of the strike.
  • Set up a strike fund at your congregation to support those who are not going to work.
  • Plan a local action with allies to focus on elected officials on appropriations committee and/or march with others
  • #No1StandsAlone on May 1st a day for all of our communities being attacked to stand together
  • Lift up the stories of local leaders using the #No1StandsAlone
  • Host “talleres” for students to explain their role in May 1st