By Jamila Johnson

"Donald, show us what you paid!"  was a shout coming from protesters in Center City on Saturday.

The protesters were demanding that President Donald J. Trump release his tax returns, a move that would be normal as previous candidates and officials have released their tax reutrns this far into their terms. 

Sue to the significance of April 15, what has bee tax day for many years, this protest was one of roughly 150 that were taking place nationwide. 

Organized by Philadelphia Jobs With Justice, a local nonprofit in the area, the march wanted to show specifically with the tax returns and get answers to some questions that have been surrounding the Trump campaign and now presidency.

Led by a a 10-foot inflatable chicken a group of almost 2,000 marched down Market Street with a clear message of ending corporate greed even in the White House. "No more secrets, no more lies! Show your taxes, show your ties!"

With the likes of civil rights lawyer Larry Krasner, a candidate in the Philadelphia district attorney's race and State Sen. Daylin Leach, the rally hosted a diverse and yet very directed crowd, one that would not relent - especially fo a president currently serving his term. 

As the first presidential nominee of a major party in more than 40 years to not release his tax returns - which he says is due to an IRS audit - Trump leaves himself with a vulnerability to voters and citizens who are looking for a more open and transparent leader.

And as this year's deadline of April 18th nears, there has been no sign Trump will release any information on that date or beyond.

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