By Peter Rowe

The San Diego Organizing Project has put together an ambitious agenda for a summit this week that the group is calling “Faith Not Fear.” It’s open to community members and faith leaders.

The goal, organizers said, is to form “action teams” to focus on immigration, racial profiling, the criminal justice system, health care and affordable housing.

That’s a varied list, yet at least one participant — Bishop Cornelius Bowser, pastor of San Diego’s Charity Apostolic Church — sees these issues bound by a common thread: injustice.

“This is a call to action,” Bowser said. “We are trying to get folks to come on the side of faith and not fear.”

The summit is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, 1770 Kearney Ave. in Barrio Logan. Bowser said the event’s sponsor, the San Diego Organizing Project, is non-partisan and non-denominational.

“I don’t consider myself a liberal, I don’t consider myself a conservative,” said Bowser, who is a project member. “I consider myself a spiritual leader who stands up and speaks for God against injustice.”

The speakers will include Bishop Robert McElroy, leader of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego; Imam Taha Hassane, director of the Islamic Center of San Diego; and the Rev. Kathleen Owens, lead minister at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego.

Other participants include Bishop Dwayne Royster, founder of Living Water United Church of Christ; Bishop James Mathes, head of the Episcopal Diocese of San Diego; and Felicita “Lita” Morales, a member of Mission San Luis Rey’s congregation.

“We’ll try to bring everyone together under one umbrella,” Bowser said, “to address injustices in our city, our state and our country.”