By Karin Johnson


Religious leaders are urging people to flood social media this weekend using the hashtag #FreeMaribel. They believe the hashtag and Ivanka Trump could be key to preventing a Fairfield mother's deportation.

Maribel Trujillo-Diaz is in an ICE detention center in Louisiana. She is scheduled to be deported to Mexico on Wednesday.

Leaders of faith from throughout the Greater Cincinnati area are trying to stop the deportation by continuing to call, email and post messages on Twitter about the case.

"It's a long journey to justice right now," said Miriam Terlinchamp, president of the AMOS Project. "The pain of all this is that we all identify and we connect with a mother of four children who provides for her family, who raises strong children, who is a gift to our community."

Trujillo-Diaz came to the United States illegally 15 years ago. Her family said she fled Mexico to escape drug cartels and violence. She's applied for asylum twice, and both times her requests were denied.

ICE agents picked her up from her Fairfield neighborhood last week.

Since then, religious groups have rallied behind the family. They've asked people to call the Department of Health and Human Services.

"And we want people to tweet out 'free Maribel' specifically to Ivanka Trump," Terlinchamp said.

Organizers said they believe Ivanka Trump could be the key. Officials with the AMOS project wrote, "We want to try to get the White House to move, and believe that Ivanka Trump may be the best way to get the President to act. "

Members of the AMOS Project said they also want people to include the hashtag #WomenWhoWork, saying "Women who Work is a favorite project of Ivanka Trump, and Maribel worked very hard to provide for her family on a work permit."

Supporters said they are going to keep the pressure on until every avenue is exhausted.

"We do not give up hope on anything, especially not on Maribel," Terlinchamp said.

A special service for Trujillo-Diaz is scheduled for 8 p.m. Tuesday at the Carthage Christian Church.