SPRINGFIELD, Mo. While lawmakers in Washington grapple over repealing and replacing Obamacare, protesters are taking to the streets in Springfield.
They're taking a message against a possible repeal straight to congressman Billy long's office in Springfield.

There are two protests planned Thursday afternoon. The first one starting begins with a letter that protesters plan to take straight into the congressman's office.

Missouri faith voices and Springfield’s NAACP are teaming up to also pray for better healthcare and to send the letter. The letter asks the congressman to help repair and expand Obamacare rather than get rid of it.

They say the proposed plan to repeal would cause, 20 million people to lose health insurance, force cuts to Medicaid, and would result in unequal coverage for mental health care.

That’s a very personal issue for one organizer.

"No one when they have a baby in their arms and they're holding them and you look down at your son, you don't think someday my son will be on Medicaid, no one thinks that, but if this goes through this can severely affect how that care is given or will my son get the care he needs,” said Susan Schmalzbauer.

Lawmakers like Congressman Long are all in Washington, getting ready to make that vote on a Republican proposal to repeal Obamacare.

In January, Long said in a statement, "With premiums rising, Obamacare continues to let the American people down. It's unacceptable and the American people deserve better. I look forward to supporting legislation that is patient-centered, allows for more choices and is at a much lower cost."

A second protest was planned for noon Thursday.