Rob Broussard (Source: WAFF)

Rob Broussard (Source: WAFF)

By Jake Berent, Reporter


A group called Faith in Action Alabama put Madison County District Attorney Rob Broussard in the hot seat Thursday night.

The group held an open forum at New Beginnings Christian Church to discuss Broussard's role in the criminal justice system. Their concerns included mass incarceration and racism.

When asked about mass incarceration, Broussard disagreed with the term's meaning and significance altogether, saying it’s a broad term and too complex of an issue to generalize like that.

When asked about the decision to put offenders behind bars, Broussard said laws have changed, and most first-time drug offenders are not incarcerated. He said even if the DA's office believes they should be put in jail, they do not have the power to make that decision.

Broussard was asked about his office's sensitivity toward the experiences of communities of color and if bias exists within his office.

“There's some folks who want to say all prosecutors are corrupt, all cops are corrupt, all they're looking for is mass incarceration, all they're looking for is to keep a certain segment down. And that couldn't be farther from the truth," said Broussard.

There were plenty more questions that Broussard handled. Broussard said the DA's office has no institutional bias when it comes to race. He said the problem is not with the criminal justice system but with the way society is nowadays.

“The criminal justice system has not failed. We do the same thing that we've always done back in times when there wasn't as much crime. I believe it lies more in a godless society, and more and more in a society where little children aren't looked at the way they should," he said.

Broussard agreed to follow up with the group in 100 days after November's election to further the discussion.