Dear Friend,

Stepping up to the mic before the UN Committee Against Torture in Geneva, Switzerland earlier this week, as a rapper, activist and St. Louis resident, I poured my heart out to the room, explaining my community’s story.

“My city is on the brink of utter confusion and destruction. Our elected officials have forsaken us. Since August 9th we have been attacked and assaulted by a militarized police force while pleading for justice for our fallen brethren. The entire city of Saint Louis is about to explode and no one in a position of power has decided to step up and take ownership of this moment. We are crying out to the world for help yet no one hears us.”

Will you be sure someone hears our cries? The timing is urgent, because the Grand Jury will announce any day now the outcome of their deliberations about the killing of Mike Brown, and we fear the potential police response.

Please email President Obama right now: Ask that he make a public statement today saying he will not support the St. Louis police or Governor Nixon in taking any militarized response against American citizens exercising our right to freely and peaceably assemble.

Our backs have been forced into a corner and we are currently trapped in the belly of one of the most immoral situations this country has birthed. Vonderitt Meyers, Kim King, and Michael Brown are dead and we still have no answers. We cry for justice and the police tear gas us in return. This situation has turned into a political game of cat and mouse and we are the mice.

We believe in non-violent protests - We advocate strongly for non-violent protests.  But that means the police have to remain non-violent as well. We know for a fact that every police precinct in the St. Louis metropolitan area is preparing to partner with the National Guard to escalate the use of force quickly if they decide to. We witnessed their cruelty once before only 3 months ago. My heart is heavy simply because I feel helpless.

As Gov. Jay Nixon - alongside many other elected officials - has decided to close his eyes to these atrocities, it feels as though there is a war upon people of color . Gov. Nixon has shielded and aided Michael Brown’s killer from prosecution. He is blatantly standing on the wrong side of history with zero regard for the pain we currently feel as a community. He is not our Governor - He works for those that have used institutionalized racism to kill us.

Ask our President to help my community in our time of need: Ask him to make a public statement today saying he will not support the militarized response of St. Louis police or Governor Nixon against our clergy and young people as we exercise our right to freely and peaceably assemble.

My spirit is dampened by what is to come. Pray with me for the safety of my friends, family and loved ones. This is my "War Cry" and I sincerely pray someone hears me before it is too late.

Thank you

Tef Poe

Kareem (Tef Poe) Jackson
St. Louis rapper and activist 
A partner of PICO National Network

PS – Click here to read my entire statement to the UN.