For the past 67 days, I joined with the people of Ferguson and across the country, demanding justice for the senseless assaults on the lives of our black and brown youth at the hands of those who are called to protect and serve. 

Our actions this past week were an act of repentance, resistance and solidarity with our youth and families directly impacted by these egregious evils. The arrests in Ferguson were examples of how activists, including prominent local faith leaders, members of local faith congregations, students and community leaders, are being falsely accused of inciting violence when the truth in plain site is that we are seeking justice. It is critical for the whole world to know that protesters in Ferguson are peacefully making their voices heard and showing the best of our democracy.

While I am home today, the fight for justice, equality and our humanity, continues here and in your local community. Here are our next steps to ensure an amplified voice and collective action. We are asking:

  • Remove Prosecutor McCullough from the Michael Brown case, and appoint a special prosecutor, and the immediate arrest of officer Darren Wilson.
  • Raise awareness (and donate money) around local issues and build relationships with young people similarly impacted by police violence and gun violence
  • Reach out to your local US Attorney’s Office with the Live Free demands calling for an end to racial profiling, police violence & militarized police

We will stand, we will march, we will protest until the conditions change. Our commitment and perseverance in this moment is tremendous and we have an opportunity to intentionally remake our democracy to be one that equally serves and protects all of our people.

We will continue to peacefully demonstrate our collective moral and spiritual voice to ensure that all of God’s children live free. 

Pastor Mike

Rev. Michael McBride
Director of Urban Strategies and the Live Free Campaign
PICO National Network